Mobile devices and smart phones are just another way of life for most of us in this day and age. It doesn’t happen very often that you come across someone who does not have a mobile phone! But still, there are many seniors who have yet to embrace this new normal of communication. Yet smart phones and mobile phones provide many wonderful benefits to those in senior care in the Edmond area! Take a look below for several persuasive reasons why every older adult should have access to a mobile device.

Staying Entertained

For seniors who bore easily while in senior care, smart phones and mobile devices can offer a never-ending source of content and entertainment. Some excellent ways to spending time using the device include listening to music and audiobooks, watching videos and movies, communicating with family, playing brain games, and browsing any topic desired online!

Keeping in Touch

We can credit smart phones for having enabled us to stay in near-constant communication with each other. For seniors in home care, this is a blessing! While feelings of isolation and loneliness are not uncommon in senior care, smart phones can break down these barriers and help seniors keep in touch with their loved ones. With larger screens and voice command capabilities, making phone calls and video calls and sending text messages is easier than ever. Similarly, making emergency call is simple too, should a senior find themselves in danger or in need of help.

Controlling Other Smart Devices

Are mobility and memory things your senior struggles with? If so, the smart phone can be of help. Since smart phone apps can control other smart devices throughout the home, your senior only needs to learn one platform – the phone! Control with the smart phone also eliminates the need to get up and down as often, making tasks like controlling the TV, turning on lights, and changing the thermostat much more manageable.

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