Have you ever heard the term “use it or lose it?” Well, it’s true. As we age, it’s essential to keep our minds engaged and active. You can help improve the cognitive and motor skills of your senior loved one by participating in stimulating activities that help keep the brain working. Caregivers can find enjoyment from crafting just as much as their patients.

Consider the hobbies that your senior would take an interest in and think of how you can implement that into a craft or activity that you can join in together. Many seniors are retired or unable to work, so it can be difficult to pass the time. Whether the goal is to master a new activity or just to have fun, it serves as an avenue to explore one’s creativity and self-expression.  Crafts help to reduce boredom and when done with someone else, also help to combat loneliness and grow relationships.

Pull out the yarn, scrapbook, camera, or other activity supplies that you may have laying around your home and come up with some creative crafts for you and your senior loved one to do together. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Use photographs to inspire your senior’s creativity and construct a scrapbook. Not only will it help maintain motor skills, sifting through photos will likely cause memories to resurface, which can helpin combat dementia and Alzheimer’s. If a scrapbook is too large of craft to take on, consider building a photo album or small collage instead. While you’re crafting, take a moment to take some new photos to add to the collection.


Sewing, quilting, and crocheting are common activities amongst seniors – which is great because when it comes to fabric crafts, the options are endless. Start with simple designs such as a cupholder or a scarf, and slowly build up to larger items such as a blanket. If your senior has trouble gripping fabric tools, opt for a thicker needle or crochet hook.


Looking for a way to stimulate the mind? What better way to facilitate creativity than with painting? Painting lets seniors explore their thoughts and feelings by making a masterpiece out of a blank canvas. Even without a background in art, it’s a perfect activity for amateur artists to flourish.


Have a senior that loves to bake? Dive into cake decorating! Even if you’re not a pro, it’s a fun way to bond. Don’t worry about the health risks of indulging in cake regularly, instead of eating the cake yourselves, give it away to a neighbor or someone with an upcoming birthday. Who wouldn’t want a free cake, right?


It never hurts to get your hands a little dirty. Pottery is an excellent craft for seniors with arthritis. Sculpting pottery requires the use of your hands, wrists, and arms which makes for a fun, therapeutic experience. Pottery also aids relaxation. Plus, once you’re done, you’ll have a fantastic piece of art to decorate your senior’s home.


In the past few years, adult coloring books have become increasingly popular. Coloring has been known to relieve stress and anxiety. By focusing your energy on the task before you, you become more mindful and enter into a meditative state. It’s also an activity that requires few supplies and little skill.


Being a full-time caregiver comes with an abundance of responsibility. Finding activities and crafts are only a small part of the job. If you see that you need in-home care assistance for your senior, Senior Care at Home of Oklahoma is here to help. We offer Edmond home care and senior care in the Oklahoma City area. Our caregivers are experts in providing care for dementia patients. Contact us today to see how we can offer guidance for your family.