The unfortunate reality is that older adults are among those most likely to be taken advantage of through varying scams and methods of elder abuse. They are now a part of society’s most vulnerable after abuse, neglect, and scams against elders have been increasing over the last decade. These increases have gained national attention and demanded legal action and protection for seniors from Congress. Read on below as we discuss the concept of elder justice and what Congress is currently working on to execute it to keep seniors safe.

What is Elder Justice?

What exactly is elder justice? It’s a holistic method to the prevention and handling of instances of elder abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, and maltreatment of older adults. It is an ever-increasing issue as more seniors are targeted every year. Thus, the demand for justice for these seniors is also growing. As one recent response from Congress, the Elder Justice Coalition was established to create more public awareness, build support for the Elder Justice Act, and influence legislation regarding elder justice.

What’s Happening in Congress?

Promoting Alzheimer’s Awareness to Prevent Elder Abuse Act – By utilizing training programs, educational materials, and collecting date, this act, alongside the Protecting Seniors from Emergency Scams Act, would take the necessary steps to prevent and eliminate scams against seniors. Both acts have been recently introduced to the Senate for consideration.

Stop Senior Scams Act – Similar yet different to the bills above, this act is more specifically aimed to prevent senior scams through the establishment of an advisory board. The advisory board would be tasked with educating retail and financial employees about elder financial exploitation. This act is a bipartisan bill that has was passed in the Senate. It is now up for consideration by the House.

Senior Abuse Training and Offense Protection (STOP) Act – The STOP Act would use the Department of Justice to award grant programs seeking to increase activities and efforts in the prevention, identification, and elimination of elder abuse. The STOP Act is currently pending in the House.

Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act – Now being considered by the House, the HEROES Act calls for the authorization of $500 million for states to create “strike teams” to work with nursing homes. Furthermore, the act would establish incentives for nursing homes to develop specialized COVID-19 units.

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