Caring for a senior loved one who is battling dementia can be a demanding task. As a caregiver, it is common to experience an onset of stress and isolation. There are outlets that allow caregivers to come together and enjoy a sense of community. Listening to music has been known to provide stress relief, but have you ever considered joining a chorus group?

Caring for a patient with dementia can be challenging, and while the challenges may vary, in most cases, caregivers find that they can benefit from emotional support. Surveys have shown that individuals that care for loved ones with dementia are seven times more likely than the average person to undergo physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. Mary Mittelman, Director of NYU Langone Medical Center’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Family Support Program Music found a way to provide emotional support for dementia caregivers by starting a chorus group. Music’s ability to stimulate our brains and give a sense of calmness has helped individuals better cope with stress and anxiety.

Previously, music has been used to calm dementia patients, but now caregivers are taking advantage of its soothing abilities too with choral groups. Caregivers are coming together to bond over their favorite tunes. In many cases, it can be comforting to be around like-minded people to combat the feeling of loneliness. Aside from providing a platform for enjoying the benefits of music, choral groups provide a platform for individuals to meet as well.

The Importance of Caregiver Self-Care

Caregivers possess a wide range of responsibility to their loved ones – that is why it so important that caregivers remain healthy and set aside time for self-care. Having an environment where others understand what it’s like to cater to another person every day can be therapeutic. Whether that support comes by way of a musical choral, or merely taking a day to oneself to recharge, it is detrimental to personal well-being.

As a caregiver, you should develop a plan for when you become overwhelmed. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help. Lean on family and friends to assist with duties such as grocery shopping and running errands. Being a full-time caregiver can be taxing even with support – if you find that your health is being compromised, it may be time to considering bringing in a professional in-home caregiver to share the responsibilities and provide relief.

Seeking Help

Do you believe it may be time to seek help caring for your loved one? Senior Care at Home provides private in-home dementia care in the Edmond and Oklahoma City areas. We offer in-home care for dementia patients that involves cognitive methods to sustain their health and mental well-being. Let us provide guidance for your loved one and family. Contact us today. We are ready to help you through the home care process.

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