It’s a safe assumption that the average adult has head thousands of different songs from a variety of artists over the years. Because of this, it’s easy for us to take music for granted! But for seniors in home care, it’s a different story. Music serves as medicine of the mind for them! Especially if they are struggling with memory loss or cognitive ability. Music therapy offers several key benefits for our seniors. Keep reading below to learn all about them. 

Decreased Pain from Chronic Illness

Before we get to the benefits of music on the mind, we’re first going to talk a bit about the physical health benefits. Music does the body so much good! Research has found recently that there is a positive correlation between listening to music and physical exercise. As a senior listens to music while performing a physical activity, there is a higher chance they will exercise harder and longer. The more physically in shape a senior is, the better their overall health!

Furthermore, listening to music can help decrease pain associated with many chronic illnesses and improve immune function. Seniors can actually lower the stress hormones their body produces thanks to music and physical activity. So, if they’re exercising more, then they’re much less likely to become stressed out. Less stress equal increased immune function! 

Stimulates the Brain and Improves Mood

Now onto the mental benefits of music therapy. Music is so powerful that it can cause a senior’s brain to literally respond to specific, therapeutic music! If you’re wondering how that’s possible, consider music a complete workout for the brain. Both listening to and playing music improves seniors’ mental alertness, quality of sleep, memory, and mood.

Music can also physically stimulate hits of dopamine, a positive emotion in the rewards center of a senior’s brain. When dopamine develops in the brain, it leads to a sense of joy, and in turn can reduce stress and anxiety! Seniors who listen to music can prevent a rise in their heart rate and blood pressure while decreasing levels or cortisol. What does that mean? Less stress! 

Finally, we just want to mention how happy music can make our seniors. Listening to music is the perfect solution to encourage social interaction, calming the nerves, and relieving boredom. Each of these factors help to prevent feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. 

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