Unfortunately, no one who lives in an area prone to natural disasters is immune to them and the damage they can cause. But one group is particularly at risk during a natural disaster. Senior citizens need to have a plan in place that allows them to act fast during severe weather and get to safety. Read on below and learn how you can best help to keep your senior loved one safe during a weather emergency.

Preparing for Hurricanes

For seniors living in an area prone to hurricanes, planning and decision-making should begin immediately upon learning of an incoming hurricane. If your senior plans to remain in their home, help them stock up on items like bottled water, non-perishable foods, vitamins and medication, and flashlights, and batteries. If they are planning to evacuate, help them arrange fast and safe transportation.

Preparing for Wildfires

Wildfires do not allow the luxury of taking time to plan and decide. Instead, a plan needs to be made prior to a wildfire so that action can be taken immediately should a wildfire occur. A good place to begin is by learning your senior’s community plans for evacuation and by outlining several alternative routes out of town. Keep a to-go bag ready at all times in a known location of your senior’s home, and fill it with items like N95 respirator masks, any essential documents, their necessary medications and vitamins, and non-perishable foods. If your senior has a pet, you need to include them in your evacuation plans as well.

Preparing for Tornadoes

When it comes to preparing for a tornado, you will again need to have a plan ready to go and to put into action immediately. Your senior needs to know where they will go – whether they should seek shelter nearby or remain in their home. If they stay in their home, establish their safety room, which is typically a basement, storm cellar, or windowless room. Help them learn how to identify a tornado by sight and sound for added precaution.

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