As we age, common colds and other illnesses are more detrimental to our bodies. It’s important that elderly individuals are proactive in maintaining a strong immune system to protect our overall health. We have put together a list of lifestyle habits that our in-home caregivers help to implement while caring for your loved ones.

1.     Keeping an Optimistic Mindset

The mind is a powerful tool; our thoughts affect how we live and how we treat others. Maintaining a positive outlook in every situation improves quality of life through a healthier mind. Doing things that bring joy and positivity helps to release endorphins. Surround your loved one with friends and family that have a positive attitude.

2.     Good Hygiene

Taking care of your hygiene is an essential element to keeping your body healthy. Oral health can have a significant effect on our overall well-being. As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember semi-annual dentist appointments and regular doctor checkups, especially for those with memory conditions such as dementia. At Senior Care at Home, we specialize in private in-home care which includes ensuring that your loved ones make it to the doctor.

3.     Daily Exercise

Staying active can aid circulation and heart health. A simple walk around the neighborhood, riding a bike to the park, or taking a senior dance class are easy routines that can yield numerous health benefits.

4.     Clean Eating

Limiting foods that are high in fat, salt, and sugar and swapping them out for fruits and vegetables is an easy way to eat clean and extend one’s lifespan. While it’s okay to indulge in “bad” foods occasionally, it can be harmful if consumed regularly. Opt for grilled over fried and fresh over processed foods.

5.     Rest

Getting an adequate amount of sleep boosts the immune system and increases energy. If your loved one is having problems sleeping, this could be affecting their mood and overall health.

6.     Reduce Stress

Did you know that stress can lead to heart disease and other conditions? Stress is a powerful contributor to poor health. Exercise and listening to music can be credited with reducing stress levels.

7.     Vitamin D

Seniors can greatly benefit from Vitamin D. Going out for a walk during peak hours is an easy way to soak up high amounts of Vitamin D from the sun. If immobility is an issue, alternative methods include letting natural light into the home and eating fatty fish. In addition, individuals can also take a daily Vitamin D or multivitamin pill.

If you believe that your senior loved one could benefit from having a caregiver present to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we can help. We provide guidance to dementia patients and families searching for Edmond home care or senior care in Oklahoma City. Contact us today; we are ready to help you through the home care process.