If you have a senior loved one in senior care, would you be able to recognize the signs if they were struggling with a mental health illness? Seniors in home care are unfortunately much more prone to mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and they often go unnoticed because the signs are easy to miss. However, if left untreated, these can have a severe impact on a senior’s overall health and wellness, both physically and emotionally. This is why it’s so important to learn the signs, both subtle and overt, so you can recognize it if your senior begins to experience a struggle with their mental health. Read on below to learn exactly what you should look for.

Subtle Signs

Trouble with Sleeping. It can be harder to determine if your senior has poor sleeping patterns. It is best to watch how tired they seem during the day, which can be indicative of too much sleep or not enough.

Loss of Appetite. A change in diet is a typical yet subtle sign of a mental health struggle. To determine loss of appetite, watch how much your senior eats at meals. Do they pick at their food, or do they skip the meal altogether?

More Withdrawn. Seniors who become withdrawn and reclusive over time will show a lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities and may even fall out of touch with family members and friends.

Overt Signs

Lack of Personal Hygiene. If your senior is neglecting to care for themselves, they begin skipping basic grooming like taking showers and brushing their teeth. These can be obvious signs of a mental health illness.

Heavy Mood Swings. Keep an eye on your senior’s behavior and moods. If they change drastically, quickly, and often, this may be a sign. Mood swings are very common if they are struggling with their mental health.

If you still need help verifying if your senior is struggling with their mental health and needs help, Senior Care at Home of Edmond is here to help. Our caregivers will assist you in getting your senior loved one feeling better and back to normal! Reach out to us today and schedule your consultation.