Facing the reality that your senior parent may be unable to live on their own anymore can be hard to face. They may be unwilling to move from their home and fight the loss of their independence, or they could recognize that they need more help. Either way, this transition will produce difficulties for both of you.

If your parent doesn’t function the way they used to or they’ve forgotten the details of daily life, it could be time to have a conversation about moving. However, there may be several issues to conquer before moving day. For example, you’ll want to take time to consider cost, resistance to change, and the possibility of at home care.


Unfortunately, the cost of senior housing can be high, anywhere from $1,500- $3,500 a month. Deciding what kind of care your senior needs will determine the type of housing and cost. Independent living centers are different from nursing homes, or assisted living communities. Do your research together to choose what works best.

Resistance from a senior parent

Change is difficult at any age and loss of independence can be even harder. Try to understand if your parent initially refuses your offer to move. On the other end of the spectrum, they may see it as a sign of fragility to ask for help or don’t know how to ask for assistance. If it’s reached a point where managing day-to-day life has become difficult, it could be time to bring up moving.

Nevertheless, resistance to changing locations is absolutely normal. You may feel at a loss after your parent rejects an offer for help, but don’t end the conversation there. Bring it up on a different day, sympathize with their concerns, and work together to come up with solutions. Make sure they feel in charge of the situation and decision, the last thing a caregiver wants to do is belittle their senior parent’s choices and feelings.

At home care

If your parent continually refuses your suggestions and offers to move, in-home care may be a good starting place. Senior Care at Home specializes in around the clock care for seniors from quality caregivers. Your parents may be happier at home, and you’ll have peace of mind that they’re in caring hands. Click here for more information about Senior Care at Home. We’re here to help you care for your loved ones.