It seemed like it took forever, but spring is finally here! With warmer weather and longer days comes the opportunity to get outside and spend more time with loved ones. If you’re providing senior care for a parent, you can help them greet the spring by joining them in some fun activities. Here are a few ways to get a jump on the season.

  • Go For a Stroll — While it might seem like a simple thing, walking has innumerable benefits. It’s a great source of exercise (especially for the elderly), gets you out into the fresh air, and exposes you to the sun for some much-needed vitamin D. A lovely walk around the neighborhood or a nearby park is an excellent way to spend any afternoon.
  • Go For a Visit — While seeing friends and family over a telephone or tablet has its advantages, it simply can’t compare to talking to people face-to-face. With winter in the rearview mirror, find some time for your loved one to pay friends or family a visit. You can help ease the process by providing food, drink, and transportation.
  • Plant a Garden — If your elderly loved one doesn’t garden, they might want to think about it. Gardening is perfect for seniors because it activates both the body and mind. Furthermore, there’s nothing more satisfying than showing off homegrown flowers or enjoying vegetables grown in your own backyard.
  • Take a Class — If your loved one is like most retired people, they probably have some free time on their hands. If so, why not learn something new? Maybe they’d like to learn a foreign language, or how to play an instrument. Community colleges and centers offer all kinds of classes. Maybe you can find something they’d enjoy.
  • Spring Cleaning — Everyone likes the idea of giving their home a good spring clean, but that may not always be as easy for older people. You can help your parent get their home ready for the spring by taking charge of the project. You can even turn it into a fun get-together by inviting the family to come lend a hand.

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As a provider of senior care yourself, you know that while the work is often rewarding, it can also be extremely taxing. At Senior Care at Home of Oklahoma, we appreciate that good senior care requires giving proper attention to a person’s physical needs, but it also means caring for their emotional and mental needs as well.

If you could use some help caring for your loved one, Senior Care at Home caregivers have the training and experience to provide you and your family with the expert senior care you’re looking for.

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