If we told you that physical exercise is beneficial to your overall health, you probably wouldn’t be surprised. You may even know many of those benefits already! But you may be surprised to know that keep your mind mentally fit is also extremely beneficial to our health, and this is especially true for seniors.

A mentally fit mind is essential for proper functionality and good senior health! If you’re looking for a several ways to give your senior loved one’s brain a good workout, read on below.

Word and Number Puzzles and Games

Get things started with a good critical thinking workout! Your senior can improve their vocabulary and concentration levels with popular word games like crossword puzzles and word searches. By playing mathematic games like sudoku, they can also test their numeric capabilities and memory function to aid in their senior health.

Drawing and Music

In addition to critical thinking, we also recommend helping your senior to exercise the creative parts of their brain by exploring the arts! Doing things like painting, drawing, and crafting are great ways for your senior to satisfy their creative impulses and workout their mind. Similarly, listening to and/or playing music can have a positive effect on the mind! Your senior can enhance their mood, increase their interest levels, and boost their communication by cranking up some tunes.


After a long and tiring day, a bit of relaxation can work wonders for the mind! Your senior should consider practicing meditation to help them open their mind and combat any feelings of depression, anxiety, or stress. Meditating is an effective way to recenter the mind and body and work through thoughts and emotions. You can visit this link for plenty of soothing guided meditations.

If you’d like to continue working with your loved one to improve their senior help, but you need some assistance or advice, please contact our experts here at Senior Care at Home and schedule your consultation.