Do you have an elderly loved one that you provide senior care for in your own home? If this describes your situation, we know that you do all you can always to make your senior feel comfortable. But sometimes, this can be a struggle if your home is not equipped for senior care. Your senior may face obstacles or safety concerns if your home isn’t as accessible as possible. Rest assured, there are many things you can do around your home to help make your senior more secure and comfortable!

The Exterior

Let’s start with the entrance of the home. The most ideal entrance for your senior is a no-step entryway! This means there will be no steps from the sidewalk, to the driveway, to the entrance. By not having steps, you making entering and exiting your home a breeze for your senior. This is especially true if your senior has mobility issues or is in a wheelchair.

The Bathroom

In your bathroom, you can make several upgrades with will ensure your senior’s safety. A minor improvement would be to add grab bars or handles by the toilet and in the shower. These will help your senior lower and raise themselves safely. In your shower, you can also add a chair for your senior to sit if they tire easily or have issues standing for too long. A larger update may involve installing a roll-in shower, which makes it much easier for your senior to get in and out.

The Bedroom

Since there is plenty of time that will be spent in your senior’s bedroom, you want this to be a comfortable space for them. One small upgrade you can make is to use roller light switches in place of a flip switch. These are easier to use for your senior. In any closet space, be sure to install shelving units that are easily reached. In general, you want the bedroom to have enough space for your senior to maneuver around easily and safely.

The Kitchen

Get your kitchen further in tune with senior care with some more serious installations. For seniors who love to cook, back pain can be a nightmare with countertops that are too low or too tall. Install countertops of varying heights and lower cooking surfaces. Any mounted appliances should be left at a reachable height.

Would you like additional guidance on how to make your home senior-friendly for your loved one? Senior Care at Home is ready to help. Please give our experts a call today and schedule your consultation!