Personalized Stroke Care for Edmond & Oklahoma City Seniors

Strokes impact individuals to varying degrees and can affect mood, physical functioning and cognitive abilities. Seniors who have suffered a stroke often find it difficult to adjust to these sudden changes, and many experience a sense of loss and frustration surrounding their need for assistance with simple daily tasks. That is where we come in. Senior Care at Home of Edmond & Oklahoma City is a trusted and recommended source for stroke care that empowers seniors with in-home assistance and support throughout the stroke recovery process.

Highly Qualified Stroke Caregivers Maximize Safety & Comfort

At Senior Care at Home of Edmond & Oklahoma City, we respect the steps of the stroke recovery process that are outlined by the senior’s medical professionals. Our trained caregivers are supportive of doctors’ orders for physical and occupational therapy, medications and medical appointments. They are never intrusive when medical staff are present and offer support that enhances the recovery process. Care recipients also benefit from medication reminders, assistance in preparing delicious and nutritious meals, encouragement with prescribed exercises. Having our stroke care services in place can decrease recovery time, reduce the need for re-hospitalization and allow seniors to safely enjoy a familiar home environment.

Flexible Hourly & 24 Hour Post-Stroke Care Schedules

Senior Care at Home of Edmond & Oklahoma City understands that the needs of someone recovering from a stroke are ever changing, and that is why we offer flexible scheduling available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services can be scheduled on an hourly basis, daily basis or overnight. We also offer live-in care, our hallmark service, to provide a higher level of around the clock support and monitoring. Hours of care can be increased or reduced at any time, and our compassionate caregivers are always available to step in with professional assistance should an emergency arise.

Unmatched Stroke Training & Education

Families prefer our care agency because there are never contracts to work out, all of our employees are bonded, licensed and insured, and are fully trained in the latest advancements in stroke recovery. Compassionate and highly qualified, our patient stroke specialists help elderly stroke survivors cope with speech, communication problems and depression. Our training also teaches caregivers to remain aware of the more serious side effects that might indicate a need for medical attention including extreme fatigue, dysphagia, problems with balance and hallucinations or delusions.

For more information about our customized stroke recovery program in Edmond & Oklahoma City, give our Care Manager a call at (405) 285-4191 today. We will learn more about the needs of your loved one and further explain the benefits of our industry leading in-home stroke program.

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