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You’re grateful for everything your parents have done for you over the years, and you’re eager to repay the favor by caring for them as they age and begin to struggle with daily tasks. However, caring for an aging parent is not the same as parenting children. Keep this in mind if your parents require assistance.

Senior Care at Home Oklahoma can help you avoid caregiver burnout and ensure your loved one gets the care and support they need. Our caregivers can help your loved one with everyday duties, provide companionship, and keep your family informed about their health and wellbeing.

Professional care from Senior Care at Home is an excellent option for adult children who are not yet prepared to take on the responsibilities of being a family caregiver. Here are six reasons to hire a professional in home caregiver:

The Learning Curve

Family members usually take on the caregiving role due to an unexpected health event. They’re generally unprepared for the role of primary caregiver because it’s complex and demanding. Consider the individuals who look after Dad: the nurse who administers his medications and the doctor who writes his prescriptions. The janitor cleans the floors, the server delivers his meals, and the housekeeper changes his dirty linens. Will you be able to meet these needs?

It’s unrealistic to expect one person to take on all of these obligations by themselves. You don’t have to go it alone with Senior Care at Home of Oklahoma. When you need time to yourself, our home care workers can take over caregiving responsibilities. We provide a wide range of services, ranging from meal preparation to light housekeeping, that can be personalized to your loved one’s unique requirements.

There Isn’t Enough Time in Your Schedule

Some seniors require 24-hour care, which can be tough to handle, particularly if you have a job and a family. With in-home senior care, you can rest assured that your loved one will always have someone to look after them.

You’re Uncomfortable with Role Reversal

Keep in mind that your parent is still your parent, even if you are giving care. Maintaining your parent-child relationship is vital, no matter how reliant Mom becomes as her dementia worsens. Most elderly parents do not want to be a burden to their children. They wish they didn’t have to rely on their children for personal hygiene, banking, or other duties.

It’s possible that inverting the child-parent dynamic isn’t good for your relationship. When you treat your parents like children, they may resist your caregiving attempts to defend their pride. You won’t have to worry about continually caring for your loved one with a caregiver.

You Don’t Have Additional Help

Senior care is typically unpredictable and requires a team approach.  Many adult children have established families of their own. What happens if a crisis arises in your close family that necessitates your absence? You might be required to travel for work or suffer from an unforeseen sickness.

Even if you’re able to manage daily responsibilities, you need a backup plan. It is important to establish a safety net early on. Having a caregiver provides the backup support you need so you can focus on your own family while ensuring your loved one is safe and comfortable.

Family Dynamics Become Difficult

Relationships can be strained when family members disagree over caregiving decisions for a loved one. Your brother may disagree with you that Dad needs to be driven to medical visits. It’s possible that Dad’s life is in jeopardy. Who is in charge of making the final decision?

Senior Care at Home strives to provide families with peace of mind by providing regular updates. Our caregivers will talk to you about your loved one’s health and make recommendations if we believe they would benefit from more comprehensive care or a schedule change. Your family will be better prepared to make a unanimous choice about your loved one’s care if you are kept informed.

You Risk Caregiver Burnout

When you’re a family caregiver, it’s easy to get burned out. Your kids and spouse miss you; you’ve sacrificed family dinners, school events and date nights. You can’t keep up with your tasks and Mom’s chores at the same time. You’re putting in twice the effort, and it’s costing you. Since Mom’s stroke, you haven’t slept through the night, and you’re making mistakes at work.

Caregiver burnout can be dangerous for both you and your loved one. Our caregivers can let you take a well-deserved break by providing temporary respite care.

To learn how in home caregivers from Senior Care at Home Oklahoma can help your loved one, contact our office and schedule a consultation.