Many people, when they begin to look for help at home, may need help with just a meal or two, some light housekeeping and possibly transportation. They often look to friends and family, church acquaintances, or friends of friends. People don’t consider the risks involved with hiring private caregivers vs. working with a licensed agency. In Oklahoma, home care agencies must be licensed through the Oklahoma State Health Department. A licensed agency is held to high standards of business and employment practices, liability protection, employee training, and safe care practices. With a privately hired caregiver, you will likely get help at a lower hourly rate; but you’ll rely on one person. So, if there’s an illness or another personal issue, you’re out of luck. An agency will be responsible for ensuring qualified staff are available to meet your needs, providing backup when needed. With Senior Care at Home, care is always provided by an experienced professional caregiver and supervised by an RN. 

When you hire a private caregiver as your employee, you are responsible and liable for damages as a result of an injury. You are also responsible for payroll taxes. However, with Senior Care at Home, we take care of these important legal and employment issues.

With a private caregiver, you need to do the proper screening and background checks. After you hire that person, you then become a supervisor, and it isn’t always easy! Senior Care At Home has a very rigorous system for screening and interviewing, so we hire fully vetted, qualified caregivers. We conduct national criminal background checks, and our caregivers go through multiple interviews and orientation regarding care standards, policies, and procedures. Plus, we manage all ongoing caregiver scheduling and management issues.

It takes more management and coordination than people think. We make a significant investment as a business to help ensure the highest quality service. To get the best care, you should involve professionals.

Most important, however, is the fact that when you choose Senior Care at Home, you are hiring an entire team of people who care. We’re there for the journey!